When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to 
everything else in the Universe.
     – John Muir

Cabin fever is setting in during this record-breaking cold winter.  I’ve ventured outside a few times, but for the most part, I’ve been staying indoors.  After years of winters of considering writing a blog, I’ve finally set myself to it.

For the reader that does not know me, I’m Aaron.  I’m currently an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve traveled across country, spending significant time in the Florida Keys and the Pacific Northwest. I worked more than a decade’s worth of summers at a Boy Scout camp in Appalachian Southwestern Pennsylvania, where I truly learned to love and appreciate the grand beauty of the natural world and the intricate way in which it all comes together.

From my self-taught naturalist perspective and with a college education, I hope to relate what I see–and think–as I hike up a mountain, roll over a log, trudge through inches of snow, or soak my feet in lake water. Some of what I write will be recent experiences and other writings may be past experiences.  While documenting my experiences I want to speculate about nature.  Earth is quite large to any one man, but it is also quite small when viewed as a part of the grander universe.  Yet, despite its relative size, the collective mind of man still does not know everything there is to know about things as common and seemingly simple as a tree or an ant.  I intend to use whatever resources I have to answer questions that arise and linger in my mind about the relationships, behaviors, and culture of flora and fauna.

Ultimately, I hope that my adventures and pursuit of knowledge spark a desire to learn and, more importantly, I hope that whoever reads these posts will want to step out into nature.

Author: astanyoung

I'm a natural history educator and outdoor enthusiast. I want to help people understand and enjoy the natural world that we live in.

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