Spring Greening

Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life.
— Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia

It’s May already.  I feel like the last few months of winter and the first of Spring blend and meld and then suddenly it’s ninety degrees Fahrenheit and everything is green.  I have been busy and all together not so busy–work and life and dirty dishes.  I still walk through nature often enough. Continue reading “Spring Greening”

Pollution: Invisible and Obvious

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends,
have become global garbage cans.
–Jacques-Yves Cousteau


On a walk through a local park, a young woman passes beneath a dense green canopy of trees.  Birds sing around her, wildflowers bloom along the trail, and a doe and fawn whitetail deer pass nearby with little caution.  This scene is timeless and anyone could enjoy these simple wonders of nature Continue reading “Pollution: Invisible and Obvious”

Ocean, Mountain, Forest

Sean and Brigette at a large Sitka Spruce.
Sean and Brigette at a large Sitka Spruce.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
— John Muir

A blue Western sky opens for us as we leave Spokane, heading west.  I met Sean and Brigette while working at a Boy Scout camp in Northern Idaho, and I was staying in the Spokane area ever since camp ended.  Sean and Brigette are a couple of months pregnant, but are a young and active couple.  Both are genuinely good people.

We make our way across the state of Washington to Brigette’s family home southeast of the Seattle-Tacoma area.   Continue reading “Ocean, Mountain, Forest”



When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to 
everything else in the Universe.
     – John Muir

Cabin fever is setting in during this record-breaking cold winter.  I’ve ventured outside a few times, but for the most part, I’ve been staying indoors.  After years of winters of considering writing a blog, I’ve finally set myself to it.

For the reader that does not know me, I’m Aaron.  I’m currently an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve traveled across country, spending significant time in the Florida Keys and the Pacific Northwest. I worked more than a decade’s worth of summers at a Boy Scout camp in Appalachian Southwestern Pennsylvania, where I truly learned to love and appreciate the grand beauty of the natural world and the intricate way in which it all comes together. Continue reading “Introduction”

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