Dame’s Rocket – Species Highlight

A new species highlight on dame’s rocket, one of the prettiest invasive species out there.

A patch of dame’s rocket in North Park, Allegheny County, PA.

From May to July, the roadsides in my area are often graced with pinkish, purple, and white clusters of flowers.  The showy display is a sure sign of the coming summer.  The dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis) is responsible for these splashes of color. Continue reading “Dame’s Rocket – Species Highlight”

Trout Lily and Bloodroot

I decided recently to take a walk in an unfamiliar place and it paid off!  If you are tired of browsing through your local park try looking at conservancy or land trust properties.  The places I visited were less crowded and garden-like.

Spring Wildflowers at Irwin Run

May 16 2015 190


In nature nothing exists alone.
     –Rachel Carson, Silent Spring




I park my car near a small lake in the local park and decide that I will follow a stream–Irwin Run. Continue reading “Spring Wildflowers at Irwin Run”

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